Independence Day Message -Nishant Dixit , MBA - IInd Year

Independence day, it’s been seven decades and eighth is continuing since we became a world country but the thing is, are we really independent sorry correction, are all people independent. You must be thinking whom am I actually talking about. I am talking about gender independence. She can’t go outside. If she goes then there will always be restrictions i.e. time restrictions, location restrictions, clothing restrictions and all, and the question is why? Why only she? Yes, safety is the answer but why only she suffers from it why don’t we change the mentality of those from whom she doesn’t feel safe. This is only one thing which I am covering, there are a lot of things so what I want to say independence means independence there should not be any condition or any inequality on behalf of anything. I will consider my country as independent when each and every people will feel it. The great people fought against foreigner and invaders now it’s our time to fight against the inequality.