btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Teacher's day :- A day in the owner of best guide -Arti , B.Tech - IInd Year

5 september assigned as the day of a grat scholar,teacher and our former president "Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan . We celebrated his birthday as the "Teacher's day" The celebration is the great tribute to the all teachers for their precisous contribution to the society.

Students celebrates the teacher's day in various manners. Teachers are the light in the dark and hope , that gives us strength to survive in every condition Teachers are the one who enlighten our path . Teaching is the only proffession that teaches all the proffessions. Teacher are the role models of many ones. Students become wiser each and everyday .

Just because of teachers dedication and commiment student become best. Teachers always inspire their students , lgnite imagination and install love of learning.

Apart all these qualities we will discuss the current scenario of our education ststem. Everything changed but the still the role and duty of teachers remains unchanged .

Student forget their duties towords teachers in this modern era. We all have to remember our duties and not on a single day . We have to respect our teachers . We have to setup a bond of ancient time like "Guru and chela" otherwise their will be no any glimpse we will see in future of teacher and students. Everything from which we learn is our teacher.So,we all have to dedicate our respect and love for our teachers . Because without teachers we will lost our recognization as a student.