btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Future of MBA -Mr. Alok Gaur , HOD , MBA DEpartment

Masters of Business administration is a top course of study in India. This is no other reason than the fact of India’s economy growing at an exponential rate. There is a huge wave of industrialization going on in India and this would continually be for the years ahead as India gradually climbs to be one of the top three economies of the world in the nearest future. An MBA in General management covers a whole lot of aspects of administration. A study in MBA general will see you through various aspects such as strategy, leadership, marketing, finance, and operations. In it, you are equipped to deliver on issues relating to strategy principles, organizational behaviors, corporate finance, financial accounting and evaluation. Indian colleges, the MBA status of qualification takes an individual through the top management levels in an organization such as the financial executive and other management executive positions.

An MBA study in India spans two years for the program. With a good first degree in any field at all will grant you the opportunity of qualifying as an MBA holder. Are you bold and loves to direct affairs in a company? Are you a team player? Both of these are two top qualities you must have if you will be fit for the career in MBA general management. Have in mind that as an MBA holder, you are to be placed in the topmost echelon of administration and so the need for those qualities. You must also be a strategist and be trustworthy since a lot of the company’s resources will be within your reach. You must be the person who is well abreast of every basic financial and administrative issue and be equipped to use such for the company’s growth.

Career opportunity after course
A Career choice for MBA general is without bounds. You not only have opportunities with financial institutions but with every other sector of the economy where of course, an administrator would be required. These can be in construction, Oil and Gas, engineering and agriculture. You can work in various managerial and executive levels such as in an advertisement, sales and marketing, production and accounting units. You can be the marketing executive, the administrative head of the department, the financial executive and manager of departments.