btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Artificial Intelligence -Saurabh Goyal , B.Tech(CSE) - IInd Year

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence means that the machine has the ability to think and understand and make decisions. AI is considered the greatest technology in computer science and it creates a brain in which computers can think. a computer brain that can think like humans.

Artificial Intelligence analyzes and processes large data with the help of an algorithm. Mainly we use AI to save this time.

Personal electronic devices or accounts (like our phones or social media) use AI to learn more about us and the things that we like. One example of this is entertainment services like which use the technology to understand what we like to watch and recommend other shows based on what they learn.

Artificial intelligence has provided a critical competitive advantage for those organizations able and willing to use it. AI has gained significant momentum in the last few years, acting as personal assistants for some, while processing business transactions and providing technical services to others. AI systems have the ability to manage large amounts of data in a number of ways. Different types of Artificial Intelligence have been developed to handle a variety of tasks, ranging from facial recognition to drug design to driving cars.