btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Computer Science -Siddharth , B.Tech 2nd Year , CSE

computer science is one of the best course. computer science is going high level . I am doing study in Computer Science because our lives are incomplete without computer. In the time coming of computer scope is getting very high. If we see by 2050 all the work will be done by computer. The computer is working in following way such as Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, social engineering, machine learning etc.

Artificial intelligence :- over the last four year the terms 'machine ' with a 67% increasing in search coupled by a 25% year - on year artificial intelligence (AI) is stander business cases , according to a recent global survey.
Software engineering :- Emerging computer networks and communication technology provide a new technological foundation for designing software systems. The systems become distributed, reconfigurable and adaptive, and their components employ a high degree of autonomy. This is an exciting and rapidly evolving field in which there is a continuous demand for qualified software engineers on the world labour market.
Social engineering :- Social engineering is the art of exploiting human psychology, rather than technical hacking techniques, to gain access to buildings, systems or data. Train yourself to spot the signs. So my suggestion you should will be study in Computer Science because scope of computer science is increasing day by day