btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Importanace of computer science engineering -Mr. Ajit Singh , HOD , Computer Science & Engineering

As a computer science engineering
# we are able to browse anything in internet.
# we can chat via all over the world
# we can pass our time in adventoures and racing games

Almost our present life is surrounded by computers Computers didn't mean only laptops, computer,mobiles There are more than these in our daily life

$ computer science as a basic needs:-
No matter people are litrate or illetrate,but everyone using computers So, to provide them every benefits of technology computer science engineering is very important There should be compuslsory session in school of computer science So that everyone will be able to know about basics of computer science

As the world is shrinking and is becoming more and more digital,the scope of computer science is on a rise The name of computer science says everything " The science of computer"
CS is present everywhere whether it be hardware, software networking or anything you think of
# CS involves in business in the form of websites and mobile apps
# It involves in games as the social media or gaming apps
# In Hi-Tech automobiles it present as the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MACHINE LEARNING,ROBOTICS or IOT .

The list is very long so, whatever you see around you today CS is involves in it some or other ways As a COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEER we have plenty of options to choose in
# software developer
# database administrator
# network engineer
# making robots with artificial intelligence and machine learning
# be a data scientist
# ethical hacker
# research scientist
There are handsome salary packages in these sectors .

Conclusion :-
In last computers are becoming very important everywhere, almost all companies using them records are stored in computers files and stores are taking there business onliy to sell on a broader level , because of only CSE
If students have the ability to learn what they need to know about computers , they can go into job market and hopefully become very successful . There will always be a rising need for people who can work with technology