btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry -Mr. Devansh Mehta , Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy is the field of drugs, and drugs heal us and treat us from the diseases. Pharmaceutical Industry provides various ranges of medicines and drugs which are actually serving and helping the society. There are various courses available in the field of Pharmacy, such as, Diploma in Pharmacy at CERT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, By-pass road, Meerut. Other courses available in the field of pharmacy are Bachelor’s in Pharmacy, Master’s in Pharmacy, and Doctorate in Pharmacy. Another course which is a six years course is PharmD.

Career Opportunities suitable for a Pharmacy graduate
There are various career opportunities available for a pharmacy graduate. Such as, becoming a Pharmacist either in your own Medical shop or in hospital or clinic. A Chemist shop is very profit earning business as such in India, looking at the easy purchase, and no impact of financial disasters over the business of pharmacy.

Another very interesting career opportunity is Research. A Pharmacy graduate can enroll for Master’s program or further pursue Doctorate course, to become a scientist or a Researcher.

Researchers, often publish their research in various scientific journals, which helps them gain advance in their respective careers also helps them make mark in the society.

Other career opportunities for a pharmacy graduate are Clinical Pharmacist, Teacher, and Regulatory affairs specialist, Digital marketing expert in Pharmaceutical Industry, Marketing manager, and National Sales manager in big pharmaceutical companies.

So, Pharmacy isn’t restricted to just being a Medical Representative, or Chemist at a Chemist shop. Looking at the industry let’s look at some interesting facts

Pharmaceutical Industry globally contributes hugely to the Gross Domestic Product figures of the respective country. It is only industry which is Recession safe or any other financial disaster safe. Looking at the present and current times, Pharmaceutical Industry has registered positive growth as compared to the economy of whole world which has shown a negative growth. Pharmaceutical Industry provides better job opportunities and people can have a secure life, as earlier mentioned it is recession proof.

Well, CERT Group of institutions has been serving the society and people since last twenty years. We have well qualified teachers, and other staff who are always supportive to not only to students, but also to others, in the time of need and support. CERT Group of Institution is located at well-connected area, and the campus is completely lush and green. Right from management to the other staff, all believe in humanity and believe in people serving mindset to serve the society and people who heatedly.

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