Basant Panchmi -Anubhav bajpai , B.tech 1st year

Vasant panchami is a springtime festival in Hinduism, which many scholars regard as the oldest living religion. The word Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit term Sindhu(or Indus), which meant river. It referred to people living in the Indus valley in the Indian subcontinent.

Hinduism has no founder,one universal reality(or god) known as Brahmans,many gods and goddesses and several scripture. Hinduism also has no priesthood or hierarchical Structure similar to that seen in some other religions, such as Christianity. Hindus acknowledge the authority of a wide variety of writings, but there is no single, uniform canon. The oldest of the Hindu writing are the Vedas. The word 'veda' comes from the Sanskrit word for knowledge. The Vedas, which were compiled from ancient oral tradition, contain hymns,instrument, explanation,chants for sacrifices,magical formula, and philosophy. Another set of sacred books includes the Great Epics, which illustrate hindu faith in practice. The epics include the Ramayana, The Mahab_harata, and Bhagavad Gita