btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Vasant Panchmi -Aditya Pratap Singh, 1st year

Vashant panchami is a very auspicious ocassion that marks the preparation for the arrival of spring, celebrated every year on 16 February.

In Hindu religion this festival remarks for the worship of goddess sarasvati who is recognised as the goddess of knowledge,art and culture.

According to ancient Hindu culture people should wear yellow clothes on today's day because as per indian mythology yellow is the favourite colour of goddess sarasvati and should do a tilak with sandalwood or normal one to impress maa sarasvati and to seek their blessing.

This day is assumed to be very auspicious for various important family events such as wedding, innaugrations etc. A photo of maa sarasvati and good mindset is more than enough for worshiping maa sarasvati.