btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Wireless Communications , B.Tech(ECE) - II Year

Wireless communication can save us from a bunch of wires running here and there. It provides us a Auto Magical instantaneous communication without physical connection setup. Wireless communication means transmitting/receiving voice and data using electromagnetic waves in open space. The information from sender to receiver is carried over a well defined channel. Each channel has a fixed frequency bandwidth and capacity. Different channels can be used to transmit information in parallel and independently.

Modes of wireless communication are : Bluetooth, NFC(Near Field Communication), WiFi, LiFi and etc.

Wi-Fi: This mode of communication uses routers to transfer information wirelessly and thereby allows users within the proximity of the router to access the network. These networks must be protected with passwords for security, otherwise intruders can access the network posing threat to sensitive information. Example: Electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, etc use Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless networks are cheaper to install and maintain. Data is transmitted faster and at a high speed.It reduces maintenance and installation cost compared to other form of networks. Working professionals these days can access Internet anywhere and anytime without carrying cables or wires.Wireless technologies and the growth of popularity of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets have created a variety of opportunities in the modern world. Wireless communications are changing the world because wireless devices are convenient, easy to use and can provide interconnectivity in virtually any place.