btc college in meerut
btc college in meerut

Communications-A Necesscity -Ayushi Bansal , MBA - IInd Year

Communication can be expressed as a process in which individuals (two or more ) share their views ,suggestions, evidences, thoughts and feelings

According to Paul J. Meyer : ‘’Communication is a skill that you can learn .It’s like riding a bicycle or typing .If you’re willing to work at it ,you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life .’’

Sharing every bit of information and views with another person needs some effective communication skills which if a person follow or practice in day to day life, leads him /her to a better and skillful not only professionally but personally

Some basic points of effective communication skills are:

1: Active Listening : Be attentive, be alert and interested in the other person ,refrain from interrupting and reflect back what you heard

2: Non –Verbal Communication : It includes tone of voice, eye contact ,facial expression, postures. Give signals to show your awareness

3: Being Clear : When you speak or write something be clear and concise . Ensure whether you are speaking or writing correctly and clarify your thoughts

4: Being Empathetic : Having empathy for another person is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

If we talk about communication skills in any professional field one needs to be a good listener, should be clear in thoughts and thinking ,confident and friendly in nature , open minded on every social and personal topics and the main thing which should be there is respect for others without judging anyone.

Better communication not only reflect your ability but it also makes you attractive and smart enough to stand in society with full confidence and dignity. It makes you mentally and emotionally fit and healthy Let suppose, you are wearing a branded section of clothes but you don’t have communication skill or way of talking to others it is very displeasing in this modern or western society no one cares of your richness, the things that matter is the way you communicate with people whether physically or through any medium it reflects your personality in real life Communication barriers can create challenges for you but one needs to sort all the issues and should create a communication relationship with everyone. Nowadays people are so busy in their life and doesn’t have time to talk or chat which creates loneliness which further leads to depression. Less or more their is depression and stress in everyone’s life which they hide from others. Sharing your views ,thoughts and feelings doesn’t make you inferior but makes you emotionally stronger.

At last I end up by this beautiful and meaningful lines
‘’Communication- is the human connectionis the key to personal and career success ‘’-BY: Lou Rawls